* This is my life ! *

                           ~~~~  Howdy ! ... It's me Huxley ! ~~~~

version francaise                                                           

                                                                                           Well I'm a '' mouse '' ... I was born in Florida but I'm living in France, since I have been sent there as a gift to Catherine. It's my surrogate mother, I would call her ' Cat '.. 

Anyway I'm a special mouse! I'm clever, very strong and smart. I can do all sorts of things, like: drive the car of Cat, use her wallet for buy cookies, cheese and chocolate. I also play with her personal things ( clothes, shoes, socks, purse, make-up...etc..). Then I know build robots ( it's my passion ), do boats with some shoes, create websites like this one, fishing .. etc.. In fact I do everything like humans ! Even better ! Isn't uncle Captain Chuck ? He he ...

Cat is rather kind, however she always bothers me with her: '' Ok Huxley, you should take a bath today ''. '' Eat your greens '', '' Do your homework '' etc.. etc... Sometimes she punishes me too.. Sniff

Then there is her sister  ' Lauren ' and her husband ' Chuck ', they are my aunt and uncle. They live in Florida, it's them who sent me in France... I don't know why, Lauren doesn't want to believe I can behave like humans. As for Chuck well, he is convinced he catches bigger fish than me ( !!??) He says he is stronger too.. It's obvious he is jealous ... '' Oh là là! '' Like say french people.. 

I also have another aunt in France ' Eliane ', the other sister of Cat and ' Emilio ' her husband. I don't know them a lot, or barely. They have three cats ! They are my cousins: Poutine,Tigrou and Fifine. Cat has a brother as well, it's uncle ' Michel '. He also doesn't want to believe I'm not an ordinary '' mouse ''. As a matter of fact, he refuses to put a true engine in my little truck !! Because of that I'm obliged to push it ! Can you imagine that? You humans, have engines on your vehicles and you start them with a key, not me ! It's because I'm small and a  '' mouse '' ? It is not fair !

There is ' Bobbo ' my godfather too, he always says I'm a little Devil, it's somewhat true, hi hi hi ! He has a lovely dog called: Tara, she is my webmate, we get along very well !

That's all right now.... I'll tell you more very soon .. See ya!


                                        I'm dining ! Je suis entrain de diner !